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Monthly Budget

How to Prepare a Simple Monthly Budget

A Monthly budget is an indispensable tool that helps you achieve your goals and attain financial independence. Every month you earn a specific amount of money, whether you are an em, employee or a businessman. The simple plan to financial freedom is “to spend less than you earn,” and a monthly budget helps you achieve...CONTINUE READING
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What is Sustainable Investing

What is Sustainable Investing?

Investing is an integral part of your financial future. In today’s era, it’s more important than ever to understand the myriad options available to you when choosing where and how your hard-earned money will be invested. As a result, many people are turning towards sustainable investing as a way to make their portfolio greener. But...CONTINUE READING
Green Investing

Green Investing in Your Portfolio. Is it time?

“Green investment” is a broad term, encompassing many investment categories related to socially-responsible investing and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing (OECD 2012, p.6). Green investing can be taken literally (e.g. investing in companies with initiatives to address the effects of greenhouse gas emissions). It can also be taken in a bigger context. It can...CONTINUE READING

What Is Economics?

Understanding economics goes beyond simply comprehending the meaning of the word. It requires a deeper understanding of its fundamental concepts. So before we move on to deeper discussions, let’s talk about them first. Economy One such concept is the economy. Granted, it is a word we hear nearly every day. But do we really know...CONTINUE READING
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