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How Much You Can Save by “Going Green” at Home

When it comes to the environment, everyone has to do their part to make sure it is healthy and preserved. One way you can help is by making your home and daily activities a little greener. What I mean by this is that you should be doing things that help the environment as opposed to destroy it. There are plenty of ways you can do this and it can even save you thousands of dollars.

Going green at home essentially means you’ll be using less fossil fuels and resources. As a result, you can live more naturally and save a ton of money. The exact amount is difficult to work out, as everyone will be doing something different. The more activities you can substitute, the more money you’ll save.Green energy saving money

This article will explore the money you can save from individual, greener changes to your home and lifestyle. If you can do just a few of these, you’ll be able to save thousands every year.

Start a Vegetable Garden (Up to $2000/annually)

Going green at home doesn’t just mean you have to save on your energy bills and start recycling more. It can also involve growing your own vegetables. You probably end up spending hundreds a week on your shopping, unaware that you could be saving loads by growing and harvesting it all by yourself.

This may seem like an extreme but you can save up to $2000 a year from growing your own vegetables in your back garden. This of course will depend on the size of your patch and the crops you decide to grow. But, if done correctly, you can save a lot of money and help the environment in the process, as you’ll be fighting the deforestation of forests for the mass food production.

energy audit

Perform an Energy Audit in your Home ($570)

This is dead simple and anyone can do it in their own homes. As well as being simple, you can save up to $570 a month. Thousands of your hard-earned cash goes into energy bills and, as you’ll be surprised to find out, a lot of it is wasted. This is especially true when you consider older houses without any advanced features or insulation.

A simple audit of where your energy is going can save you a ton of money. Simply going round and filling cracks, closing windows and installing a thermostat can save up to 30%. If you want to add some more energy saving abilities to your home, getting insulation in the outer walls and attic can drastically improve the conduction of heat around the home.

Adjust Your Hot Water Settings (Up to $475)

Up to 25% of your energy bills goes towards your heating, and this includes hot water. You will end up wasting a ton of this hot water, which will cost you a lot of excess money that could have been saved. Turning down your hot water pressure is a great start to make and washing your clothes in cold water can also save you 6% more on your energy bills.

Buy a Fuel-Saving Vehicle (Thousands)

Of course, the best solution here would be to live without a car altogether, which would save you around $9000 a year. However, as most of you cannot give up your car, the best alternative would be to buy a newer, more fuel-efficient car that will save you money on fuel. When looking for an energy-efficient car, you need to identify the miles per gallon. You need to aim to get one that is at least 30mpg, as this could save you $800 a year!


Going green not only helps the environment but also helps your wallet. With just a few simple changes to your home, you could save thousands of dollars a year, which gives you more money to treat yourself with. There are a millions ways that you can go green at home and save money in the process, but unfortunately, they can’t all fit on this list. If I had to pick any on this list that you could do today, it would have to be the audit, as this is something easy that could save you hundreds.

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  • October 22, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    whoa, who knew starting a garden could save you 2 grand. might have to make that happen.